My early experiences with computers

Personal Computers

Photo of DigiComp toy computer DigiComp (kit; manual processor)

Photo of Olivetti Programma 101 Olivetti Programma 101

Photo of MITS Altair computer Altair 8800 (kit; Intel 8080)

Photo of Processor Technology Sol 20 computer Sol 20 (kit; Intel 8080)

Photo of Heathkit H-8 computer (forthcoming)Heathkit H-8 (kit; Intel 8080A)

Photo of TRS-80 Model II computer TRS-80 Model II (Zilog Z80)

Mainframe Data Entry Devices

Photo of IBM Model 029 Keypunch IBM Model 029 Keypunch

Photo of IBM Model 2501 Card Reader IBM Model 2501 Card Reader

Photo of APL Terminal (IBM Selectric) APL Terminal (IBM Selectric)

Photo of APL Terminal (IBM Selectric)Teletype ASR33

Mainframe Computer

IBM 36/91 Control Panel
IBM Sytem 360/91